Found Out You Were Deferred? We can help.

Getting deferred is never a great feeling. But don’t worry — we can help you navigate the deferral process and optimize your odds of getting accepted in the regular round. 

Our Deferral Service will help you:

  • Understand why you were deferred and what your deferral means for you
  • Navigate the process and understand your choices
  • Develop a deferral strategy to move forward with a strong plan
  • Write a compelling deferral letter to maximize your chances


What does being Deferred Mean For You?

Getting deferred means your early decision/early acceptance application was reviewed, and not accepted—yet. Your application shifts to a regular decision application, which means you have to wait longer to hear back from the school. It also means you are no longer required to attend the school if you are accepted.


What Can You Do if You're Deferred?

If you've been deferred, there are still things you can do to maximize your chances of getting accepted. We can help you decide on the best plan moving forward, and help you write a compelling deferral letter.

Our consultants have helped countless students navigate the deferral process and ultimately get accepted in the regular round, and they're ready to help you with the best advice.

Your session with your consultant will be held online, and is always 1 on 1, meaning you'll get personal and targetted advice.