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Freshman Guide Ebook


What's inside?

Our 20-page ebook includes invaluable information for students and parents about freshman year. Our ebook goes in-depth about subjects ranging from Honors and AP courses to extracurricular activities and much more! 



You'll get:

  • Tools to organize your freshman year and college prep
  • Tips on preparing for high school
  • The main differences between middle school and high school
  • How to choose courses for freshman year 
  • A list of possible extracurricular activities
  • The importance of volunteer work 
  • What to do during your summer vacation
  • College prep resources 

PLUS,  you'll get a monthly checklist of items you should be focusing on. 


Download Our Free Ebook

Guidance Every Step of The Way

Our guide walks you through everything you need to know, from choosing courses to planning your extracurriculars.

Monthly Academic Checklist

We've included an interactive checklist to keep you on track every month of your freshman year. 

Our Mission

CollegeVine's mission is to help families navigate the college prep process and find the right schools for them.